Man had 12-hour erection after smoking weed

A 32-year-old man who had unbearable erections lasting several hours is likely to have a condition caused by regular cannabis use, scientists say. It is thought to be the first case of marijuana-related priapism in a patient where all other known causes have been excluded.If left untreated, the condition causing persistent erections with no sexual […]

Faster access to cannabis medicines in UK

Patients needing cannabis-based medicines should no longer face long delays in accessing their prescriptions, says the government. Changes to importing restrictions mean UK companies can now order and hold more stocks from abroad. That should make the treatments available to patients in days, rather than months. The changes will help people with conditions such as […]

Remarkable transformation of seriously ill boy after he’s treated with cannabis oil

Eddie Woodman before and after Eddie Woodman, left, two years ago and right, ‘with the sparkle back in his eye’ (Picture: Geraldine Woodman) The picture on the left shows a boy, with severe epilepsy, on a normal day two years ago. Having been pumped with pharmaceutical drugs since he was a baby, he suffered countless […]

I Tried Pumpkin Spice CBD Oil to Treat My Chronic Pain—Here’s What Happened

With temperatures dropping, leaves falling, and autumn in full swing, you’re probably sniffing the aroma of pumpkin spice everywhere—from pumpkin spice lattes to candles, cough drops, lotions, and even pumpkin spice lube. Now there’s one more product featuring this warm and joyful seasonal flavor: CBD oil. First, a primer on CBD: It’s short for cannabidiol, […]

Cirque du Soleil founder detained for growing cannabis on private island

Mr Laliberte’s company says he grows cannabis for medical and “strictly personal” use The co-founder of global circus company Cirque du Soleil has been detained for growing cannabis on his private island in the South Pacific. Billionaire Guy Laliberte turned himself in to police in French Polynesia. The Canadian entrepreneur is due to appear in […]

Cheshire man admits to buying cannabis for terminally ill brother

‘I have no regrets.’ Ben Findlay at home near Chester. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian A Cheshire businessman has admitted to buying cannabis and turning it into what he claims was a painkilling oil to help his terminally ill brother, in an attempt to highlight “the stupidity and cruelty” of drug prohibition. Ben Findlay has told […]

‘Give us legal weed’ Expert calls for ALL forms of cannabis to be available in UK

CBD: A look at how ‘cannabis’ oil is used in medications Medicinal forms of cannabis oil were made legal in the UK in November last year. But advocates of the drug have argued this does not go far enough. So far, only CBD elements have been made available in products and to healthcare professionals, where […]

Companies team up for joint venture to turn UK into medicinal cannabis hub of Europe

Julia Bradshaw 27 May 2019 • 8:59pm A privatel company that invests in the cannabis industry has formed a joint venture with a pharmacy wholesaler in the hope of improving patient access to medical marijuana and turning the UK into a gateway for the supply of the stuff to the rest of Europe. Astral Health, […]

Has legal cannabis killed the bong?

Under cannabis prohibition, nothing signified one’s love of the plant more than bongs – but health-conscious users who prefer to vape don’t have much use for them Alex Halperin @alexhalperin Mon 27 May 2019 06.30 BST Last modified on Mon 27 May 2019 07.15 BST Shares 169 ‘To the fraternity of underground cannabis users, they were akin […]

3 Tips for Starting a Medical Cannabis Business in the UK’s New Marketplace

For investors who have already cashed in on the U.S. “Big Marijuana” fundraising trend, the growing acceptance of cannabis among Britain’s political and business establishments is very promising. There’s also more than enough space in the market for new entrants to make an impact. Female CEOs and C-suite executives, in particular, are rising to the […]

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