Buy NM-2201 Powder UK



Buy NM-2201 Powder UK

Buy NM-2201 Powder UK Online. NM-2201 Powder is considered an analog of AM220.

It is itself an artificial cannabinoid with Ki values of 1.0 for the CB1 receptor and 2.6 nM for the peripheral CB2. NM-2201’s full physiological effects have not been defined.

Known properties of AM-2201 and its analogs
AM-2201, formally 1-(5-fluorophenyl)-3-(1-naphthyl)indole, is a powerful and nonselective agonist for human cannabinoid receptors. It is one of the AM line of cannabinoids.

An ‘active dose’ is to be as little as 500 µg. Because the correct dosage is so small when used in this way. They is an elevated risk of unintentional overdose in a forensic context.


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