Delta 8 THC Disposable Cartridge UK



Delta 8 THC Disposable Cartridge UK

Buy Delta 8 THC Disposable Cartridge UK Online. No-Fuss, Delta 8 Disposable Carts are here! Grab and go. No waiting for a full charge, swapping out tanks, or leaking!
1 Gram disposable carts in 3 popular flavors!
Check out in-depth strain profiles for our D8 disposable carts below.
Disposable Carts: Flavor Profiles.

Sativa – Maui Wowie
It May Originate from Hawaii, But Maui Wowie is a Wild Journey!

Hybrid – Hawaiian Haze
Your Head Will Be in a Hawaiian Haze!
Reap the benefits of this Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, bursting with light, airy flavors and bold, powerful effects.

Indica – Blue Zkittles
Enjoy a Trippy Skittle Surprise for Your Nightcap!

Terpenes are your best friend in this Indica strain that reminds you of blue chewy childhood candy, but with a twist. Wildflowers, sweet earthy notes, and a pinch of tart citrus make this cart a true classic candy throwback!

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Sativa – Maui Wowie, Hybrid – Hawaiian Haze, Indica – Blue Zkittles


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