Delta 8 THC Hemp UK Distillate Syringe 3g



Delta 8 THC Hemp UK Distillate Syringe 3g

Buy Delta 8 THC Hemp UK Distillate Syringe 3g Online. Delta 8 Syringe – Hemp-Derived Delta 8 THC-3gr. Our 3gr syringes come in natural or with pure botanical terpenes. To dispense, place in boiling water for 15 minutes to liquify the contents. Apply heat until the Delta 8 distillate flows freely from the syringe. Keep the Luer Lock lid on while heating.

Delta 8 Syringe flavors:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Blue Dream
  • Blueberry Kush
  • Girl Scout Cookie
  • Juicy Fruit
  • Mango Kush
  • Pina Colada
  • Skywalker OG
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Super Lemon Haze

DELTA 8 Distillate syringes are here! Our Hemp-derived Delta 8 distillate is made from rare Delta 8 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) found in the hemp flower and provides a similarly high (with a lower psychotropic potency) to Delta 9 THC without many of the negative side effects.

Lately, Delta 8 products have been increasing in popularity since customers say it provides an overall better experience. Try some hemp-derived Delta-8 distillate in your vape carts, tinctures or add to other products of your choice!

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Birthday Cake, Blue Dream, Blueberry Kush, Girl Scout Cookie, Juicy Fruit, Mango Kush, Pina Colada, Skywalker OG, Strawberry Banana, Super Lemon Haze


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