God’s Bubba Marijuana Strain Glasgow



God’s Bubba Marijuana Strain Glasgow

God’s Bubba Marijuana Strain Glasgow is a super-powerful Indica dominant hybrid strain. Created through combining the heavy-hitting God Bud and Pre-98 Bubba Kush strains. With THC levels that typically tip the scales at about 25% and a heavy full-bodied high. God’s Bubba Marijuana is truly a gift from above!.

The high comes on hard like a punch to the brain with an almost immediate euphoric lift. Then immediately diffuses any racing thoughts or mental pains. This sense of complete happiness will start to fade in and out of focus. Leaving you easily distracted and out of it mentally.

God’s Bubba Weed Flower UK

God’s Bubba Marijuana effect can lead many users to fall asleep, especially those who aren’t as experienced with medical cannabis. These potent effects and their high THC level give God’s Bubba the ability to treat conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, headaches, and appetite loss.

A subtle tingle will slowly start to build in the back of your head before spreading through the rest of your body with warming tendrils, leaving you with a buzzy body high that’s completely relaxing and sedative.


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