Royal Highness Royal Crumble UK (78% THC)


Vendor Royal Highness
Size 1 gram
THC Level 78%


Royal Highness Royal Crumble UK (78% THC)

Buy Royal Highness Royal Crumble UK (78% THC) Online. Royal Highness has some top-tier quality crumble!!

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  • premium quality extracts
  • 78% THC
  • indica – 3 options

For those who prefer to roll their weed in joints or blunts, crumbles can be sprinkled across the flower prior to twisting them up. This method will jack up the joint’s potency (and harshness on the lungs), so puff with caution.

Crumble wax is an excellent way to accurately dose homemade edibles, too. Packages should list THC content on the labels.


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