Stiizy Cherry Bomb Curated Live Resin



Stiizy Cherry Bomb Curated Live Resin

Stiizy Cherry Bomb Curated Live Resin UK Online. The high-THC, aromatic, flavorful plant is a prolific producer with purple-red, trichome-covered buds.

· Taste: Berry, Sweet, Musk
· Feeling: Energizing, Focus, Relaxing

Cherry Bomb concentrate smells musky with hints of berry, the high tends to smooth into a more focused state to tackle that to-do list or next creative project.
Live ResinBerryCherry BombEnergeticEuphoricFocusedHappyHybridRelaxedSweetTHCTropical
More about this strain: Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb by Bomb Seeds

Bomb Seeds says it crossed its Big Bomb with a fruity mother to create this version of Cherry Bomb. Several versions of Cherry Bomb exist.
This one is not to be confused with Barney’s Farms’ discontinued Cherry Bomb or the legendary Cherry Bomb said to have been created by Mr. Greengenes from Maui Waui and Cherry AK47.


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