Super Lemon Haze UK Jeeter Juice Vape



Super Lemon Haze UK Jeeter Juice Vape

Buy Super Lemon Haze UK Jeeter Juice Vape Online. Super Lemon Haze Jeeter Juice Premium Cannabis Vape Cartridge. 1000 mg | Sativa | 84.05% THC and 0.49% CBD (Per Cartridge)

Mood: happy, energetic, uplifted
Cartridge Citrus Energetic Happy Lemon Pine Sativa Super Lemon HazeUplifted
More about this strain: Super Lemon Haze.

Super Lemon Haze (SLH) is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that resulted from crossing a Lemon Skunk with Green House Seed Company’s Super Silver Haze.

The winner of several awards — including 1st Place at the 2008 and 2009 High Times Cannabis Cups.
Super Lemon Haze grows tall with long, dense branches of buds that turn white with crystal-like resin — especially in a highly controlled indoor environment.


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