UK 4.20 Chocolate Bars Online



UK 4.20 Chocolate Bars Online

4.20 Chocolate Bars (new!) – Venice Cookie Co. (200mg THC – 5 flavors)

Venice Cookie Co makes these 4.20 Chocolate Bars – delicious and potent!

  • White Chocolate Cookies N Cream – The newest member of the 4.20 Bar collection. We took smooth, creamy white chocolate and folded in chocolate sandwich-cookie crumbles for a textural two-step. This marriage of creamy and crunch is a match made in heaven.
  • Milk Chocolate – Smooth, creamy, classic milk chocolate. Great for making 4.20 s’mores! Fair Trade 38% Cacao. Gluten-Free, All-Natural.
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt – Gourmet dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt. Fair Trade 61% Cacao. Vegan, Gluten-Free, All-Natural.
  • Dark Chocolate Popping Blackberry – Blackberry-infused dark chocolate with popping candy. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth while the fireworks begin! Fair Trade 61% Cacao. Gluten-Free.
  • Milk Chocolate Hemp Crunch – Milk chocolate with crisped rice and hemp hearts (an excellent source of heart-healthy omegas). Fair Trade 38% Cacao. Gluten-Free, All-Natural.


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